Tongue rings

Wholesale Lot of 100PC 14G Mixed Tongue Rings Barbells Body Piercing Jewelry $3.99BUY NOW

Pack of 20 Colorful Stainless Steel Ball Barbell Tongue Rings Bars Piercing Cosmetic $2.73BUY NOW

BodyJ4You Tongue Ring 14G (1.6mm), Pave Crystal Ball Top Barbell $1.99BUY NOW

BodyJ4You BodyJ4You¨ Tongue Ring 20 Pieces 14G (1.6mm), Assorted Flexible Bar or Surgical Steel Bar $0.99BUY NOW

BodyJ4You Glow In The Dark Tongue Ring 6 Pieces 14G (1.6mm) $0.99BUY NOW

Body Accentz™ 6 Ultra Sparkle Acrylic Tongue Ring 14g – In Assorted Colors $2.99BUY NOW

(Lot of 12pcs) Tongue Ring With Cz Gem Stone Assorted Color 14G 5/8" No Duplicates $7.50BUY NOW

Vibrating Tongue Ring Stainless Steel Body Piercing With 2 Batteries $9.90BUY NOW

Mecoo Hypoallergenic Surgical Steel Tongue Ring 5 Kind Novelty Word Designs Barbell Piercing BR017 $8.29BUY NOW

(1pc Black) Tongue Rings 14g Barbell w/ UV Heart Top $0.25BUY NOW

LOT 50 Pcs 14g Multi Color Assortment Flexible Tongue Rings Barbells MIX Piercing Jewelry $0.10BUY NOW

BodyJ4You 100 Mix Pack 50Pc 14G Belly Button Rings and 50Pc 14G Tongue Ring Barbells Kit $11.99BUY NOW

Body Candy Stainless Steel Cool and Clear Acrylic Barbell Tongue Ring $1.94BUY NOW

14g Clear Ball Tongue Ring Retainer 1 Piece $3.45BUY NOW

4Pcs Logos Tongue Rings 316L Surgical Steel Barbell with Epoxy Dome Ball $2.99BUY NOW

3pcs 316L Surgical Steel Solid Barbell Tongue Rings 14G 5/8" Length $7.99BUY NOW

Pretty Show piercing surgical steel Metal Tongue Rings Barbells Funny Nasty Wordings Picture Logo Signs 14G wholesale 30pcs,25pcs and 20pcs $15.99BUY NOW

2pcs Dome Clear Heart Gem Barbell Tongue Ring 14G & Free Gift Box $2.50BUY NOW

Wholesale Body Piercing Jewelry Barbell Ball Tongue Ring Nipple Bars Stainless Steel 14g 3/4" Inches (19mm) Long Ball 6mm $0.99BUY NOW

Ruifan 316L Stainless Steel Tongue Nipple Shield Barbell Ring Bar Body Piercing Retainer 14G 2PCS $7.99BUY NOW

16G, 14G Professional Piercing Kit 36 Pieces (Belly Rings Dangle Tongue Tragus Eyebrow Nipple Lip Nose) $3.99BUY NOW

14g 5/8" Hypoallergenic PTFE Flex Ultra Glitter Tongue and Nipple Piercing Barbell *Choose Color* $7.99BUY NOW

Black White Acrylic Yin Yang Barbell Tongue Ring $2.99BUY NOW

Playboy Bunny Logo Print Inlay 316L Surgical Steel Barbell (Sold Individually) $1.95BUY NOW

Mecoo Reveal Personality Surgical Steel Body Piercing Tongue Rings with Fancy Words $9.09BUY NOW

14k Gold Plated Tongue Ring 14G Clear C.Z. Gem 5/8"(16mm) Length $2.99BUY NOW

Batman Logo Barbell Tongue Ring – Officially Licensed $7.89BUY NOW

Color Titanium Anodized Barbells Tongue Ring Green, Black, Rainbow 3pcs $1.99BUY NOW

Tongue Ring Assorted Flexible Lot of 100 Piercing Barbells 14 Gauge $9.99BUY NOW

Body Candy Stainless Steel Pink Acrylic Glitter Ball Barbell Tongue Ring $0.99BUY NOW

Purple Gem Surgical Steel SPINNER unique Barbell Tongue Ring $8.50BUY NOW

Green Neon Barbell Tongue Ring $1.99BUY NOW

Vibrating Koosh Tongue Ring Stainless Steel Body Piercing With 2 Batteries $9.99BUY NOW

Lot of 10 Pieces Tongue Ring Silicone Koosh Ball Stainless Steel, Spiky Top Barbell Kit 14G 5/8" $0.99BUY NOW

PiercingJ 1pc 14g Gauge Stainless Steel Vibrating Tongue Piercing Barbell Stud with 2 Batteries $2.90BUY NOW

316L Surgical Steel Barbells With Multi Gems -14G, 5/8" Length, 6mm Ball Size -Sold as a Set of 4 $12.95BUY NOW

Bodfx 25 Piece Tongue Ring Bioflex Tongue Barbells Lot $1.99BUY NOW

14Gx5/8(1.6x16MM) Anodized over 316L Surgical Steel Straight Barbell with 5MM Ball Tongue jewelry $1.99BUY NOW

NO DUPLICATES Wholesale Lot 25pcs 14g Tongue Rings Barbells Assorted Colors $2.99BUY NOW

8Pcs Solid Colored UV Ball Barbell Tongue Ring 14G (1 of each color) $1.99BUY NOW

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