Spacers for charm bracelets

Pro Jewelry Ten (10) Stardust Spacer Beads for Snake Chain Charm Bracelets $7.95BUY NOW

Pro Jewelry Assorted Silver Charms, Crystal Bead Charms, Glass Beads and Spacers for Snake Chain Bracelets, Pack of 20 $12.50BUY NOW

I Love Jesus Dangle Bead Spacer for Snake Chain Charm Bracelet $6.50BUY NOW

2 Stoppers, Spacers .925 Sterling Silver Bead (With White Rubber) Charm for 3mm European Bracelets $11.99BUY NOW

Love Daisy Flower Charms Topaz Yellow Crystal Birthstone Spacer Jewelry Beads Fit Pandora Charm Bracelets $6.46BUY NOW

Beads Hunter 5 Pcs Sterling Silver Spacer Charm Fit Pandora Bracelets $12.99BUY NOW

LovelyJewelry New Filigree Aquamarine Blue Crystal Birthstone Spacer Beads Fit Pandora Charms Bracelet Jewelry $8.99BUY NOW

Boruo 925 Sterling Silver Czech Crystal Fascinating Facet Glass Charms 8x15mm Beads Spacers Birthstone Solid Core Charm Fit Pandora Bracelets. $11.99BUY NOW

10 Sterling Silver Ring Spacer Beads Compatible With 3mm Snake European Story Charm Chain Cable Bracelets $16.98BUY NOW

LovelyJewelry Filigree Charm Jan-Dec Birthstone Spacer Beads Sale Cheap Jewelry Fit Pandora Charms Bracelet $8.99BUY NOW

2 Pcs White Gold Plated Bling Bling Rhinestones Crystal European Beads Stopper Clip Lock Beads Spacer Charm for Bracelet, Openable $4.57BUY NOW

925 Sterling Silver Crystal Rhinestones Spacer Charm European Beads for Bracelet, 925 Stamped $7.99BUY NOW

Mixed Faceted Murano Lampwork Glass Beads Fit European Charm Bracelet 14MM 50 pcs By eArt $10.99BUY NOW

Cat Eye Jewels 5Pcs Antique Finish Birthstone Spacer Charm Beads (Free 5 Rubber Stopper) For Snake Chain $10.95BUY NOW

Alphabet Beads A-Z Letter Initial Spacer Dangle Clear Crystal Silver P Charm For Snake Chain Bracelets $10.25BUY NOW

(20 Beads Mix) Pack of Assorted Silver Tone Charms, Crystal Bead Charms, Murano Glass Beads and Spacers $12.75BUY NOW

Boruo Charms 925 Sterling Silver Czech Glass Crystal Beads Spacers Birthstone Threaded Core Charm Fit Pandora Bracelets. $11.88BUY NOW

Fit Pandora Charms Irish Celtic Swirl Flower Clip Lock Stopper Spacers Charms Beads $9.99BUY NOW

.925 Sterling Silver -Set of 2- "Clear Crystals Spacer" Charm Beads Fits Pandora Charm Bracelets $14.95BUY NOW

Ten Assorted Crystal Rhinestone Bead Charm Spacers $8.90BUY NOW

20 Tube Beads 9x9mm with 5mm Hole for European Style Charm Bracelets Spacers Antique Sliver Metal Pewter $6.89BUY NOW

Queenberry Sterling Silver Round Rubber Stopper European-style Bead Charm with Safety Chain $14.98BUY NOW

Beads Hunter Jewelry 30 Silicone Rubber Stoppers for Pandora Jewelry, 3mm by 6mm $5.99BUY NOW

" the Beach Charm" Bead Spacer for Snake Chain Charm Bracelet $7.99BUY NOW

" the Beach Charm" Bead Spacer for Snake Chain Charm Bracelet $6.99BUY NOW

New Sale Cheap Antique Hexagram Star Of David Religion Spacer Charm Beads Fit Pandora Jewelry Bracelet $7.69BUY NOW

Alphabet Spacer Charm Beads A-z or Birthstone Spacer Charm Bead for Snake Chain Bracelets $4.80BUY NOW

10 Pcs Mixed Color Engraved Aluminum Charms Bead for Snake Clain Bracelet Necklace AL-M(10) $6.99BUY NOW

Classic Clip Lock Stopper Spacer Charm New Sale Cheap Beads Fit Pandora Jewelry Charms Bracelet Gifts $9.67BUY NOW

BELLA FASCINI Set of 3 14k Gold Petite Twist Spacer 925 Silver Fits Compatible Bracelets and Bangles $26.99BUY NOW

Premium Grade Silver Plated Starter Charm Bracelet Barrel Snap Clasp Fits PANDORA Charms (Available All Size) $6.50BUY NOW

Sterling Silver Infinity Love Floral Heart European Bead Spacer Charm Set $10.69BUY NOW

Fit Pandora Charms Silver Plated Family Heart Love House Beads $7.99BUY NOW

Timeline Traditions European Charm Bracelet Bead Fits Pandora Lampwork Glass Hearts $9.97BUY NOW

14k Yellow Gold Set of 4, 4mm Spacer Beads For Charm Separation $15.45BUY NOW

December Blue Topaz Turquoise Color Rhinestone Birthstone Charm Spacer For Snake Chain Charm Bracelet $5.99BUY NOW

" Paw Charm " Dangle Bead Spacer for Snake Chain Charm Bracelet $5.30BUY NOW

"Mother Son Charm" Butterfly Shape Charm w/ Blue Color Crytals Spacer Bead For Snake Chain Charm Bracelet $5.75BUY NOW

925 Sterling Silver Round Dots Ring Bead Spacer For European Charm Bracelets $6.29BUY NOW

Blue Pink Ballet Babygirl Love to Dance Baby Shoe Footprint Feeding Bottle Bead Fits Pandora $9.90BUY NOW

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