Leather necklace

New BLACK Leather Cord Chain (16", 18", 20", 24") Sterling Silver Necklace $9.99BUY NOW

Brown Leather Necklace Cord 2mm with Stainless Steel Clasps (16-30 Inch) $11.99BUY NOW

16 " Single Freshwater Pearl Necklace for Women Handmade Leather Choker Jewelry Handmade $13.99BUY NOW

Personalized Natural Turquoise and Flat Brown Leather Cord Y-shaped Vintage Necklace By Handmade $13.99BUY NOW

Black Genuine Greek Leather Necklace. Sterling Silver Clasp. 16 to 30 Inch Cord. Lifetime Guarantee. $19.99BUY NOW

Men’s Black 316l Stainless Steel Alpha Spear Wolf Teeth Pendant Chain Necklace $11.90BUY NOW

High Quality Single Stone Genuine Turquoise (10mm) Choker Necklace on Brown Leather Cord, 16" $16.99BUY NOW

Single Freshwater Pearl Choker Necklace on Black Genuine Leather Cord for Women 14-19 Inches $13.50BUY NOW

Unique Genuine Leather Cord and Stainless Steel Necklace Women Chain (Walnut Brown) $9.90BUY NOW

Snowman Lee Double Braided Rope Beads Vintage Cross Adjustable Pendant Necklace $3.29BUY NOW

Freshwater Single Pearl Necklace Choker on Genuine Black Brown Leather Cord Jewelry for Women 18” $12.99BUY NOW

Silver Plated Premium Leather Woven Braided Necklace with Lobster Clasp -Choose from 6 Length Options $20.99BUY NOW

3 Big Freshwater Pearls Beaded Dangle Pendant Necklace on Suede Leather Cord $9.99BUY NOW

Annie Pearl Handmade Single Freshwater Pearl Choker Necklace on Brown Genuine Leather for Women $13.50BUY NOW

High Quality 9-10mm Freshwater Pearl Turquoise Necklace on Dark Brown Leather Cord 16" $5.60BUY NOW

MJARTORIA 90s Multilayer Gothic Punk Elastic Henna Tattoo Stretch Choker PU Leather Quartz Necklace Set $8.99BUY NOW

White Pearl Necklace Choker with 11-12 mm Pearls on Natural Dark Brown Leather $13.99BUY NOW

Black Leather Necklace Cord (2mm) with Stainless Steel Clasps (16 – 30 Inch) $13.99BUY NOW

Queenberry Black Leather 2mm Choker Necklace with Sterling Silver Lobster Clasp $8.98BUY NOW

Ancient Tribe Unisex Adjustable Hemp Black Leather Choker Necklace Turquoise Bead $12.99BUY NOW

Pretty Simple Adjustable Length Unisex Simple Leather Cross Necklace $14.99BUY NOW

White Pearl Leather Necklace Choker with Single11 mm Pearls on Natural Black Leather $8.99BUY NOW

18" White Pearl Necklace Choker on Genuine Leather Cord with One Pearl Bead Jewelry $20.99BUY NOW

3 Freshwater Pearls on Leather Cord Collar Bone Necklaces Costume Fashion Jewelry 16” $13.99BUY NOW

Long Leather Freshwater Pearl Necklace for Women Pearl on 2 Strands Leather Cord Pendant Jewelry $12.99BUY NOW

Turquoise Bead Freshwater White Pearl and Genuine Leather Cord Twist Braided Choker Necklace 18” $8.99BUY NOW

16" White Pearl Choker Necklace with Three Beads on Genuine Leather Jewelry for Women $9.40BUY NOW

Southwestern Jewelry Leather Wrist Wrap Bracelet with Turquoise Studs $13.95BUY NOW

Gemstone Hexagonal Pointed Reiki Chakra Pendant Genuine Leather Necklace 18" $7.99BUY NOW

Handmade 16" Genuine Pearl Leather Necklace for Women Two Strand Arround Collar Necklace Choker $12.50BUY NOW

White Pearl Leather Necklace 18 Inch with Pearl Beaded Drop Pendant for Women Pearls Collection $14.50BUY NOW

16 " Single Pearl Leather Choker Necklace on Genuine Black Leather Cord for Mother’s Day Gift $8.00BUY NOW

Black 3mm Braided Leather Cord Necklace Choker Sizes 16" 18" 20" $10.99BUY NOW

Black Silk Satin Silver Clasp Cord Chain Necklace 14" 16" 18" 20" 22" 24" 30" 36" 40" $7.99BUY NOW

Cruz Accessories Open Cross with Leather Back on Double 16" Cord Vintage Look Necklace $11.99BUY NOW

Mudder Long Black Velvet PU Leather Chain Stretch Tattoo Choker Tassel Necklace $9.99BUY NOW

19" Pearl Necklace Handmade Leather Choker Jewelry With Single Pearl Bead Knotted Necklace for Womens $13.99BUY NOW

Adjustable One Single Freshwater Pearl Choker Leather Necklace with Genuine Leather Cord for Girls $13.99BUY NOW

Aobei Pearl Women’s Knotted Freshwater Pearls Leather Choker Necklace with Genuine White Pearl 18" $21.99BUY NOW

Long Freshwater Pearl and Leather Cord Necklace with Pendant Y-shaped Jewelry for Women $15.99BUY NOW

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