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925 Sterling Silver Laser Etched Faceted Boston Terrier Dog Disc Charm Pendant $32.28BUY NOW

925 Sterling Silver Enameled Boston Terrier Dog Charm Pendant $106.84BUY NOW

Boston College Eagle Face Pendant 1/2 Inch – Gold Plated $40.07BUY NOW

14k Boston Terrier Dog Pendant $99.08BUY NOW

Sterling Silver Swarovski Elements Boston Spirit Heart Pendant BUY NOW

The Starry Night Dream Color Drop Style Romantic Crystal Cut Diamond Accented Women Necklace $19.99BUY NOW

First Love Lady Fashion Leaves SIX-PIECE Joint Rings $14.99BUY NOW

Officially Licensed Sterling Silver Antiqued Boston College Collegiate Bead BUY NOW

Officially Licensed Sterling Silver Antiqued Boston Red Sox MLB Bead BUY NOW

Mr Rabbit Fashion Jewelry Retro Style Sun Shapped Collar Necklaces $14.68BUY NOW

Daesar Silver Plated Ring Women Cubic Zirconia Rings Bridal Ring Eternity Wedding Band $18.99BUY NOW

July Songs 2016New Twin-layer Cortex Diamante Fashion Bracelet BUY NOW

Darkey Wang Woman Fashion Jewelry Temperament Retro National Wind Hollow Fringed Earrings $9.90BUY NOW

Luck Wang Lady’s Unique Bohemian Multicolor Beads Droplets Diamond Earrings BUY NOW

Yuriao Jewelry Elegant Apple Crystal Diamond Accented Pendant Necklace BUY NOW

Darkey Wang Woman’s Unique Jewelry Red And Yellow Eye Of Agemstone Pendant Necklace $8.84BUY NOW

Darkey Wang Fashion Jewelry Unisex Candy Color Tattoo Skull Time Gemstone Necklace $9.42BUY NOW

Darkey Wang Fashion Women’s Unique Retro Big Owl Tassel Necklace $10.72BUY NOW

Mr Rabbit Long Section Of Cinnabar Ceramic Pendant Necklace Retro National Wind $16.86BUY NOW

Luck Wang Lady’s Unique Fashion Jewelry Diamond Triangle Earrings BUY NOW

Darkey Wang WomanFashion Jewelry Retro Teardrop-shaped Earrings $15.18BUY NOW

My.Monkey Simple Crystal Round Three-Pieces Wedding Gift Party Earrings Bracelet Necklace Suit $26.55BUY NOW

Darkey Wang Women’s Fashion Jewelry Retro Lace Droplets Gemstone Necklace $11.63BUY NOW

Luck Wang Woman’s Unique European Style Small Fresh Water Droplets Multilayer Hollow lace Beauty Gemstone Necklace BUY NOW

Luck Wang Lady’s Unique Fashion Retro Pok¨¦mon Sprites BallNecklace , Guard Your Baby BUY NOW

Luck Wang Woman’s Unique European and Amerins Style Black Lace Inlay Gemstone Necklace BUY NOW

Yuriao Woman’s Fashion Drop Earrings Diamond Crystal Necklace Or Earrings BUY NOW

Luck Wang Woman’s Unique European Style Cute Candy-color Full Diamond Lips Earrings BUY NOW

Yuriao Jewelry Fashion Crystal Flower Pearl Y-Necklace BUY NOW

Darkey Wang Bohemian National Style Retro Green Sapphire Pendant Tassel Earrings $10.15BUY NOW

Darkey Wang Woman Fashion Gem Crystal Opal Small Apple Necklace $10.69BUY NOW

Darkey Wang National Wind Retro Fashion Diamond Tassel Exaggerated Earrings $14.25BUY NOW

Mr Ribbt Exaggerated Irregular Dripping short paragraph Accessories Necklaces & Set $14.53BUY NOW

Mr Ribbt Hot Explosion Models Fashion Exaggerated Irregular Geometric Necklaces & Set $14.43BUY NOW

Darkey Wang Woman Fashion Jewelry Bohemian Fringed Drop-shaped Diamond Earrings $14.61BUY NOW

Darkey Wang Woman Fashion Jewelry Glass-sided Diamond Quicksand Zircon Crystal Ball Earrings(Purple Grey) $10.28BUY NOW

Mr Rabbit Stylish Exquisite Inlaid Crystal Sunflower Pendant Necklace Short Paragraph $15.97BUY NOW

Darkey Wang Woman Fashion Crystal Flowers Roses European and American Style Diamond Earrings(White) $10.50BUY NOW

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