Glass bead charms

Long Way® Gold Plated Snake Chain Glass Crystal Beads "I Love You" Charm Beaded Bracelets for Women $10.90BUY NOW

Everbling Love Goes Round Hearts Murano Glass Bead Fits Pandora Charm Bracelet $7.50BUY NOW

Silver Tone Metal and Glass Beach Themed Bead Charm Bracelet $23.31BUY NOW

Bling Jewelry Silver Ladybug Flower Blue Murano Glass Bead Fits Pandora $9.99BUY NOW

Ten (10) Pack of Assorted (Purple) Glass Lampwork Beads for Snake Chain Charm Bracelets $6.80BUY NOW

Glass Bead Charm Bracelet 7.5" $12.99BUY NOW

Long Way® Silver Plated Snake Chain Purple Glass Crystal Beads Heart Charm Bracelet for Women $12.99BUY NOW

Pro Jewelry Assorted Silver Charms, Crystal Bead Charms, Glass Beads and Spacers for Snake Chain Bracelets, Pack of 20 $12.50BUY NOW

Mixed Faceted Murano Lampwork Glass Beads Fit European Charm Bracelet 14MM 50 pcs By eArt $10.99BUY NOW

Mother Bracelet Purple and Pink Glass Bead Silver-tone Complete Charm Beaded Bracelet Jewelry $49.99BUY NOW

Pack of 10 Assorted Blue Glass Lampwork Murano Glass Beads For Snake Chain Charm Bracelet $5.99BUY NOW

Sterling Silver Red Wine Lover Glass Love Heart Cubic Zirconia Bead For European Charm Bracelets $15.98BUY NOW

(20 Beads Mix) Pack of Assorted Silver Tone Charms, Crystal Bead Charms, Murano Glass Beads and Spacers $12.75BUY NOW

Sterling Silver Wine Lover Glass European Charm Bead $11.98BUY NOW

Beautiful Green and Blue Murano Glass Bead Charm Fits Pandora Bracelet $9.99BUY NOW

Authentic Chamilia Murano Glass Charm Opulence Collection "Purple" 2410-0006 $35.00BUY NOW

Sterling Silver Green Blue Lily Flower European Style Glass Bead Charm $9.89BUY NOW

Fun Charm Jewelry Silver Flower Blue Glass Beads Queen Heart Pendant Fit Pandora Lucky Charm Bracelet $15.99BUY NOW

Purple Fiji Flower Artisan Glass Art Bead, Quality 925 Sterling Silver Full Core Fits All European Style Charm Bracelets $12.95BUY NOW

Blue and Gold-tone Stripe of Waves Glass Bead Sterling Silver Core For European Charm Bracelets $10.98BUY NOW

Everbling Clover Murano Pink Glass with 925 Sterling Silver Core Bead Fits Pandora Charm Bracelet $8.99BUY NOW

Susenstone®Love Heart Charm Bangles Glass Beads Strand Bracelets $4.43BUY NOW

Christmas Red Flower Glass Bead Sterling Silver Core For European Charm Bracelets $10.98BUY NOW

Sterling Silver Blue Bubble Glass European Style Glass Bead Charm $9.39BUY NOW

Sterling Silver Light Blue and White European Style Glass Bead Charm Bundle $19.68BUY NOW

Pack of 10 Beads – Mixed Cat’s Eye Glass Dangle Charms Fit European Bracelet $9.98BUY NOW

BEADS HUNTER Authentic .925 Sterling Silver Core Blue Hawaii Ocean Bubbles Glass Charm $9.99BUY NOW

Fun Charm Jewelry Vintage Tibetan Silver Blue Glass Beads Charm Bracelet Snake Chain Love Heart Pendant $16.11BUY NOW

Ten Assorted Colored Murano Glass Bead Charms $1.25BUY NOW

Infinity Love Goes Round Rainbow Life Heart Glass Bead Sterling Silver Core For European Charm Bracelets $9.99BUY NOW

Hawaii Flower Blossom Murano Lampwork European Glass Charms Beads 925 Sterling Silver Core $12.49BUY NOW

Fun Charm Jewelry Blue Love Silver Plated Glass Beads Letter Pink Crystal Snake Chain Bead Charm Bracelet $15.30BUY NOW

Blue Hawaii Flower Glass Bead Sterling Silver Core For European Charm Bracelets $10.59BUY NOW

Fun Charm Jewelry Gold Plated Glass Beads Crystal Love You Dangle Snake Chain Fit Pandora Charm Bracelet $17.55BUY NOW

Fun Charm Jewelry Glass Beads Flower Rose Crystal Snake Chain Silver Plated Fit Pandora Charm Bracelet $17.50BUY NOW

Bling Jewelry Simulated Amethyst Murano Glass Bead Set Silver Fits Pandora $13.59BUY NOW

Fun Charm Jewelry Silver Plated Snake Chain Beads Crystal Love Heart Dangle Charm Bracelet for Women $11.99BUY NOW

Choker® Fashion Silver Plated Snake Chain Charm Bracelets Jewelry Bangles Purple Murano Glass Crystal Beads Bracelet for Women Teen Girls $11.99BUY NOW

Purple Murano Glass Heart Lock Beads Charms Beaded Bracelets $16.99BUY NOW

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