Body piercing jewelry

IPINK Piercing Kit 14G-16G Steel Body Piercing Belly Button,Tongue, Eyebrow, Nipple, Lip, Nose, Chi Gauge $14.88BUY NOW

1pair Steel Love Heart Nipple Shield Bar Ring Body Piercing Jewelry $2.99BUY NOW

BodyJ4You 110 Piercing Kit Lot of Belly Ring,Labret,Tongue Ring,Eyebrow Ring,Tragus Barbells Mix 14G,16G $4.99BUY NOW

PiercingJ 2-4pcs 16g 316L Stainless Steel 3mm Cubic Zirconia Labret Monroe Lip Ring/ Tragus/ Helix Earring,6-12mm Bar Length $7.99BUY NOW

Imixlot® 10Styles 100pcs Stainless Steel Belly Tongue Eyebrow Lip Ear Nose Barbell Piercing Jewelry $16.59BUY NOW

Imixlot® 60pcs 316L Surgical Steel Barbell Nose Lip Nipple Rings Eyebrow Piercing Jewelry $13.29BUY NOW

Set of 3 Nose Piercing Studs: Sterling Silver 22g CZ Nose Piercing Jewelry – Clear, Pink & Lavender $14.99BUY NOW

16G, 14G Professional Piercing Kit 36 Pieces (Belly Rings Dangle Tongue Tragus Eyebrow Nipple Lip Nose) $4.99BUY NOW

JiaUfmi 100-Piece Body Jewelry Eyebrow Navel Belly Lip Tongue Nose Piercing Bar Ring $0.01BUY NOW

PiercingJ 2pcs 16G Clear Cubic Zirconia Stainless Steel Horseshoe Hoop Multi-functional Captive Ring for Nose Daith Lip Eyebrow Nipple Ear Cartilage Helix Septum $8.99BUY NOW

Ruifan 10PCS 16G Acrylic 3mm Ball Labret Monroe Lip Ring/ Tragus/ Helix/ Cartilage Earring Stud Barbell, 8mm/10mm Bar Length Body Piercing Jewelry Glow in the Dark $9.99BUY NOW

Dazzling Clear Jeweled Cartilage Earring 18 gauge-16 gauge Steel Barbell-Helix Earring Piercing Jewelry $10.97BUY NOW

Charisma Stainless Steel Horseshoe Spike Ball Eyebrow Tongue Lip Nose Ring Circular Barbell Stud Hoop $8.99BUY NOW

Fly-love® 20pcs Stainless Steel Crystals Nose Studs Rings Bone Bar Pin Piercing Jewelry $7.85BUY NOW

Lot 10pcs Captive Bead Rings 16 Gauge Ear Belly Lip Eyebrow Nipple Hoop Barbell BCR Rings 3mm Balls $8.99BUY NOW

Tanyoyo Rhinestone Stainless Steel Crystal Nose Ring Bone Stud Body Piercing Jewelry 60 Box Set $7.99BUY NOW

Super Stainless Steel Shiny Cubic Zircon Body Jewelry Piercing Love Heart Belly Button Ring Barbell $5.69BUY NOW

ReFaXi 100 Labret Lip Belly Tongue Bar Ring Barbell Body Piercing Jewelry Multicoloured, 100/PCS $10.75BUY NOW

Value Pack Assorted Stainless Steel Body Jewelry Piercing Nose Hoop Ring, 20 Guage, Unisex $6.99BUY NOW

Professional Piercing Kit 35 Pieces for Belly Tongue Ear Eyebrow Nipple Lip Nose and Body 16G, 14G $2.99BUY NOW

Value Pack Assorted Stainless Steel Body Jewelry Piercing Nose Hoop Ring, Various Guage, Unisex $4.88BUY NOW

BeOne® New Ladies Bikini Moon Diamond Crystal Charm Crossover Harness Waist Belly Body Chain Necklace $5.37BUY NOW

Jeweled Twin Daisy Flowers Spinal Barbell Christina Vertical Hood VCH Jewelry Genital Piercing 1/2 $5.99BUY NOW

Regetta Jewelry Sterling Silver Small Endless Hoop Earrings, 10mm $7.99BUY NOW

Internal Dimond Crystal Clear Ferido Ball Made with Swarovski Curved Barbell Christina Vertical Hood VCH Jewelry Genital Piercing 1/2 $6.99BUY NOW

Jeweled Twin Daisy Flowers Spinal Barbell Christina Vertical Hood VCH Jewelry Genital Piercing 1/2 $6.99BUY NOW

KIMING Stainless Steel Water Drop Women Belly Button Rings Body Piercing Gold Plated Sexy Navel Rings Hypoallergenic $3.99BUY NOW

16G and 14G Professional Body Piercing Kit 45PC, 30 Jewelry Tongue,Targus,Ear,Eyebrow,Nipple,Lip,Nose $4.99BUY NOW

Ruifan Lot of 10 Eyebrow Piercing Jewelry Curved Barbell with Ball Kit Eyebrow Tragus Lip Ring 16g 16 gauge 6-12mm $7.99BUY NOW

Body Candy Stainless Steel 1.57mm Ball Accent Micro L Shape Nose Ring 20 Gauge $4.98BUY NOW

Super Stainless Steel Multi-functional Nose Eyebrow Tongue Lip Tragus Navel Ring Piercing Body Jewelry $9.99BUY NOW

Tree of Life Cartilage Tragus Barbell Piercing Monroe Labret Lip Helix Ring 16g $7.99BUY NOW

10PCS 14G 16mm Clear Flexible UV Acrylic Shaft Straight Tongue Rings Barbells or Nipple Piercing Retainer $9.99BUY NOW

(5pcs) Flower Multi Press-Fit CZ Gems Bio-Flex Shaft Labret Monroe $3.99BUY NOW

Body Jewelry Replacement Ball Packs-Spike Packs-20g-18g-16g-14g-12g-10g Stainless Steel or Black Steel Balls for Piercing Barbells $9.97BUY NOW

16g 5/16” Stainless Steel Internally Threaded 3mm Fire Ball Opal Labret Monroe Lip Tragus Piercing Bar Body Jewelry Ring $6.99BUY NOW

Lot of 10 Value Pack Assorted Stainless Steel Belly Button Ring Body Jewelry Piercing Ring BarBell Gift Set $5.34BUY NOW

Lot of 16 Assorted Gems Labret Lip Bar Chin Lip Rings Piercing 1.2mm Surgical Steel 16 Guage Body Jewelry $4.99BUY NOW

Bio-Flex Fake Nose Ring with CZ (Sold Ind.) $0.95BUY NOW

Body Candy Clear Heart Left Closure Daith Cartilage Tragus Earring 16 Gauge $15.99BUY NOW

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